Saturday, January 5, 2008

hackystat ui idea

i know it is so lame, but i'll admit it. i haven't really looked at javafx. but, after looking at it really quickly, it seems to me that javafx could be a potential implementation tool for a hackystat user interface. it seems similar to adobe air, but better.

here is an interesting demo. note josh's comment:

One thing I've noticed when building my demos is my development style. It's totally different than when writing Java programs. When I code Java, I think first about the objects and interfaces, create empty .java files, and then start writing the implementation. When I write JavaFX script using the preview mode in NetBeans my style is completely different. I immediately start throwing up shapes and UI components, constantly moving code around and renaming things. Once I have something solid only then do I split it into separate classes. It's definitely a less rigorous but more fluid development experience. And, dare I say it, more fun!

javafx seems like a cool little thing. i'm not sure how useful it really is. it maybe worth checking out for a quick and dirty hackystat ui. maybe its something we can use for a client side telemetry wall viewer.

anyway... just an idea.

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