Thursday, March 6, 2008

hawaii high technology industry landscape

i've blogged about our tech industry before; see know your industry, we need fog creek in hawaii, etc. well, here is another one.

the idea for the landscape came about because of a couple conversations i had with a few of my friends. basically, these friends are engineers in hawaii that haven't heard of the organizations that i've been involved with recently; for example the dual use group. so in my discussions with my friends, i talked about the awesome honolulu coder meetings, our awesome demos at the COE engineering junior expo, etc, etc. it takes too long to explain everything. there are a lot of organizations and people that my friends can meet. anyway, to help out my friends and others out there; i started on a central listing of everything i know about the high tech industry.

Hawaii High Technology Industry Landscape

The idea is that I work on this document till i represent the local high tech scene. my hope is that anyone that needs to know something about hawaii high tech can find useful information here. then go be awesome.

anyway, i actually don't know how useful this would be. but, i guess i'm trying. my guess is someone will email me and say. are you crazy, we already did that, here is the link.

i assume you've all seen this by now Hawaii Science & Technology Industry Directory, check out the pacific business article about it


Stephen L. McMahon said...

Hi Aaron. I saw this document the other day and for me it is extremely useful. My wife and I will be moving back to Honolulu in about a month and I'm looking to get involved in the local developer community ahead of time. It is exactly what I need!

aaron said...

hey stephen, glad it was helpful!. i'm going to try to learn more about the landscape and grow this document. let me know if i'm missing something as you learn more about honolulu's tech community. thanks!