Thursday, October 4, 2007

metrics metrics metrics

so, i've been monitoring atlassian's bamboo for a while. and they seem to have been doing well in their marketing. and the product actually looks pretty cool. too bad you have to pay for it.

Bamboo's Build Telemetry helps your software team learn from the massive amounts of output produced by continuous integration (CI).

Simply put, Bamboo turns raw data into useful information.

With traditional CI systems, all you can see is that your application is building successfully. But how is it doing compared to three months ago? Are the builds still breaking as often as before? These questions, which are essentially unanswerable under traditional CI, are the core focus of Bamboo's Build Telemetry.

see what i mean. they even call it telemetry. hahaha thats funny. well, this is nothing new to the hackystat community. its interesting to see all the companies scrambling to add metrics to their products. first it was static analysis tools, then ide support, now integration. even fog bugs has some hackystat-like charts.

soon, i believe that companies with money might be able to catch up to the hackystat framework. in terms of functionality. heck, its open source and its not crazy complicated software. maybe bamboo is using it. so, what is going to separate hackystat from these new guys?

the answer is obviously the research and the knowledge we have about measuring the software development process. anyone can collect metrics. any manager can look at line going up or going down. but, i think with the expertise that we have in the research area and the new fancy v8 framework we will soon be jumping way way in front of the industry. then again there is NSB (no silver bullet).

philip had some initial ideas;
* Representation of Developer Expertise
* Addressing the context switch problem using Hackystat and Twitter
* Grid computing with Hackystat
* Project Proprioception
* Hackystat and the semantic web

software development is hard because there are so many different factors. my continual belief about hackystat is that it won't solve the essence of software. but, maybe it can be the accidental work monitor-manager-fixer so we can focus only on the essence solution that we have all been looking for.

anyway, hackystat v8 is going to be dope. its going to change the world. i'm willing to be austen's master's thesis on it. and OMG, i wish i could just hack on hackystat for one year straight. those were the days.

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