Sunday, September 28, 2008

trying to keep my creativity alive

i guess i have an active imagination, because i keep on thinking of new ideas. although, i have no idea how good they are. but, as someone pointed out, i should write them down. so, i try formalize my ideas and build upon them. if you are wondering why this is important watch this video; Talks Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
here are some of the highlights:
  • "we get educated out of creativity"
  • "if you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original"
  • "you become frightened to become wrong"
  • "we are now running companies where mistakes are the worst things you can make"
  • "we don't grow into creativity we get educated out of it"
  • "professors look at their body as a transport for their heads"
  • "you have been steered away from things you like "
  • "suddenly degrees are worth nothing"
  • "academic inflation"
  • "creativity is having original ideas that are useful"
  • "rethink the fundamental principles that we are educating our children"
  • "remove all insects from earth in 50 years all life will perish. remove all humans from earth in 50 years all life will flourish"

    anyway, here are some of the ideas that i had recently.

    twitter twin
    not sure how i thought about this one, but wouldn't it be cool to find your twitter twin? the basic idea is that since the character limit is set and there are only a set amount of things you could type in, i would think that some of your tweets have to be duplicates. so, lets say you twittered, "obama is cool" then maybe you could see that 20,000 other twitter users said the same thing. but if you said something like, "new rule: stop putting down the other candidates. its lame." i wonder how many other people think like that.

    when i twitter something my "followers" can respond. but i often think about how my thoughts, tweets, are similar to totally random people. this might work better if the subject area is narrowed; for example the elections twitter view.

    hawaii night life pics
    everyone has mobile phones with cameras these days. you see these pictures all over peoples facebook or myspace profiles. its pretty cool to see your friends pictures from their nights out. you can kind of get a sense of the "quality" of the club by looking at the pictures. whether its crowded, how dark it is, etc.

    i began to think that it would be cool to organize all of our pictures by time and location instead of user profile. what if we chunked up a friday night into hour blocks and then categorized it by location (ie, pearl, level4, bar35, etc). then as the night goes on the people take pictures and upload it to the site, which is automatically sorted and categorized.

    its kinda like the hawaii nightlife diaries, but created by masses.

    world perception
    after the presidential debate, i got to thinking... i wonder which candidate other countries prefer. i'm not sure that will change my preference, but knowing that answer is definitely interesting. i think there are a bunch of things i would like to know what the world thinks. what does the world think about Tibet? what does the world think of global warming? what does the world think about America?

    maybe we can find out the answers to these questions with a world wide polling system of some sort. i really like this idea, because I (we) are only fed what we hear in the news, what we read in the newspaper, etc. that information is very country specific and in some cases that is not a good thing.

    it would be fantastic if there was a virtual world wide meeting place to express your thoughts on world problems.

    tangible internet
    it would be cool to some how make the internet tangible. something you can touch and gain information from. something not traditional (not like a printed paper or something). i guess i just realized that i hate having to sit in front of this computer screen to get information.
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