Wednesday, September 26, 2007

telemetry wall 2.0

the telemetry wall was really cool for a little while. we liked to show it to people to teach them about hackystat. but for the most part, the wall was on monitor power save mode, with all of the screens black. we pass by it every day wondering would it be cool to watch a movie on a 9 monitor wall. hmm...

i've been saying this for a while. the telemetry wall needs to be revamped. it needs to be something where people can pass by and say "oh wow, i didn't know that. we should talk more". a collaboration tool. ah, now there it is, i finally figured out how to explain it.

it should be a collaboration tool, not just a software project telemetry viewer. so, what should be on the telemetry wall. well here 9 ideas for the 9 screens:
1) obviously telemetry trends still can be on the wall
2) daily project details - tabular summaries of a project (and or projects).
3) my animation idea
4) other types of charts. how about a spider web chart (see below)?
5) (here are some new ideas) how about the javadoc of a recently committed package or how about actual the source code?
6) how about a screen shot of all the current applications under development?
7) how about showing a project schedule or release schedule?
8) fantasy sports scores. kidding. how about a visualization of the build queue?
9) eclipse trick of the day

the whole point of telemetry wall 2.0 is to increase collaboration. bring ideas out into discussion. display what is going on in the projects development; the code, the product, the process, the schedule, etc. comments?

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