Monday, November 19, 2007

is everyone frustrated?

i often get frustrated with technology. frustrated that people don't think of better use cases, additional use cases, and identify that special piece that could make something great. after a short period of frustration, i sit back and wonder why i just got so frustrated. i wonder why doesn't these things bother other people. i feel like the only one that realizes that this sucks and that it could be so much better. being frustrated with technology isn't good. its frustrating that its so frustrating.

well, come to think about it... i get frustrated a lot with a lot things. and yet i get over it so quickly.


austen.ito said...

I think that thinking about every use case is a hard skill to acquire. Actually thinking in general is hard. I personally have trouble thinking about things in different ways. It's one of those skills that is alluding me. Maybe other people are the same way? Either that or I suck haha.

aaron said...

haha. this is exactly the type of comment i wanted. what do other people think? do people think that software engineering is where it should be? are the products that we produce meeting expectations? is google and apple really the best we can do?

maybe google and apple are average and that the rest of us really really really really really suck. and that is frustrating.

russ said...

Maybe one doesn't need to think of everything all at once. I thought agile design was do a little as you go. But Joel on Software reminded me that you need to think before you do so you're going to need some BDUF. I guess you shouldn't get too invested in what you think you're going to do up front. Fred Brooks said to throw the first one away.
I think what distinguishes Google and Apple is the thinking that they do. You gotta put a fence around what you're going to put out (scope). So you've got to decide what you're going to do and what you're not going to do. OK, now my head hurts.

synthesis said...

I think being frustrated at the right things move you forward in creating a product that even _you_ would use. Every bit of frustration has a way out. When that's not clear, people start to panic. I think being frustrated is good to a certain extent. People only lose their motivation from frustration when they become afraid of consequences.