Thursday, February 14, 2008

hackystat problem v2.0

my last hackystat problem blog was solved pretty swiftly see the mailing list; SensorBase REST API now includes "snapshot", performance improved and DPD zero issue bug .

Tonight I tried to use the Telemetry Viewer to check some data points out. I used the Telemetry Viewer deployed on the public server (v.8.1.214) and i have Firefox 2.0. Check out the video for a description of the bug:

the problem seems to be the following:
1) all the charts for the project Hackystat doesn't seem to do anything in the viewer. i click on "Chart" and nothing happens. (in the video you see the app flicker, but nothing really happens.)
2) i can't seem to see my data in the Default project. A script error appears. and i get an empty blue chart.

what's unsure:
1) i'm not sure if the public version of the Telemetry Viewer is the latest and greatest version.
2) does it supposed to work with the version of Firefox i have? or is anything else on the client side preventing the right functionality?
3) has no one else seen these problems?

it works locally at our work place.. not sure whats wrong with the public server.


Philip Johnson said...

Hi Aaron,

Making a video for a bug report is a great idea! Unfortunately, I can really see any details when I watch it. Can you make the video larger?

Philip Johnson said...

Just out of curiosity, is there a reason that you are using your blog to post error reports about Hackystat rather than the hackystat-dev or hackystat-users mailing list? Or, even better, making an Issue for the appropriate service and then sending an email with a link to it to the mailing list?

It would seem to me that very few people reading your blog would want to know about an error, while almost everyone reading the above two mailing lists would want to know. In addition, errors like this have a relatively short "shelf life", so one would think the Issue/Mailing list approach would be more suited.

The current web infrastructure provides a real diversity of communication mechanisms, and I am actively trying to understand how to pick the best medium for any particular communication event. I'm interested if you see this situation differently than I do.


aaron said...

>can you make the video larger?

I tried a couple of ways. Blogger has its own video upload (but i think it really uses Google Video). I also tried google video. They both seemed to shrink the video. So, i'm not sure what i can do about that. I was experimenting with it.

>is there a reason that you are using your blog to post error reports?

actually, i'm using it as an engineering log. it just so happens that the tasks i do leads to a bug discovery. with that being said, if i was actually hacking on something, i would potentially write about that too.

in my blogs i'm kind of just exploring the possibilities of communication. i don't think it matters too much about the "shelf-life". to give you an answer, i guess i picked the blog cause it was easiest; to format, edit, upload pictures/videos, etc. i also wanted to explore the problem while writing; austen, pavel, and i were chatting and talking about this and other issues.