Thursday, May 8, 2008

wonderful paradox

i read the one minute sales person by spencer johnson a long time ago in college. and i just recently found it in the back of my shelf while doing a little cleaning. it's a very short book so i decided to read it again. the book is full of little motivational sayings like:

I remember Thomas Watson, IBM's founder and chairman of the board, saying that in order to survive and succeed, organizations and individuals must have a sound set of beliefs on which to base all policies and actions. To meet the challenges of a changing world, we must be prepared to change everything except these beliefs.

i really like this book, not because of the sale person advice, but because of one section in the book that talks about the 'wonderful paradox'. here is a couple paragraphs leading up to the part i like:

"Making money is important. It is one of my goals. But it is not my purpose in life - nor even in selling. [said the teacher]"

"Making money is not your purpose in selling [asked the student]? That's hard to follow. Why else would I be out there?"

"I suggest that when you can answer that question, your whole career will turn around. It is the lesson of The Wonderful Paradox."

here is that lesson:

The Wonderful Paradox

I have more fun and enjoy
more financial success

when I stop trying to
get what I want

and start helping other people
get what they want

this section of the book really inspired me to think of my purpose. and it really puts things in perspective for me and makes whatever i do more meaningful and fun. whether its writing software or helping at a STEM event, i strive to put people first. and sometimes you have to think of the box or look in places where people don't necessarily pay attention to. this concept is somewhat similar to my outward thinking post a little while ago.

the strange thing is that i'm not sure if recommend this book to other people, because i'm not sure it would be that meaningful to other people. i'm not sure why i feel this way; maybe i think most people will think its corny and lame. but, it really makes a lot of sense to me. help people and you will succeed.

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