Monday, November 17, 2008

DFTC and more core values

atlassian just put out this cool video about their core values:

create useful products people lust after
open compnay, no bullshit
build with heart and balance
don't $#&@ the customer
play as a team
be the change you seek

i thought this was awesome, particularly because it really lets the software culture of our generation shine through. note to other software companies out there; we think atlassians core values are awesome.

i might as well continue the core values talk and share one of my favorite talks about core values. its from mitch kapor, the founder of lotus development and now on the board of directors of mozilla foundation, linden lab (makes second life), and is doing many other things...

here is what mitch kapor had to say about trusting your employees; download this podcast and fastforward to 31:30 (note the following is a paraphrase of his talk):
how do you trust the people you hire?
  • its earned and built. no found. its on going process, invest in it.
  • i think it helps shared framework of principles and values
  • a set of external set of standards
  • if you are willing to invest in a discussion of about what we believe in and what standards are we going to hold ourselves accountable to,
  • then you have a means by which to negotiate and navigate all of the stuff that happens, because stuff happens in a company. you never have enough resources
  • you can't watch everyone. it requires people to have a lot of initiative. but if you know everyone is operating against the framework of principles then you know they are guided
  • everyone will learn together
  • people will sort themselves out and trust will be built
  • it requires a commitment; everything worth while requires a commitment
  • there needs to be an equal commitment (from the company)
  • if you put on after the fact, its going to fail.

  • in closing, you must provide a clear vision of your company's values and goals. you need to trust your employees, but more importantly you need to allow your employees to trust the company. and DFTE!

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