Monday, November 12, 2007

re: "Blogging, Open-Source Software, and Rockstars!"

here is a response to austen's blog: "Blogging, Open-Source Software, and Rockstars!"

i totally agree with what austen said about why developers could be blogging. however, they could be doing the "software design on paper" but in another medium. so, i offer this as another reason. this is the primary reason why i blog. blogging helps share your thoughts with others to help collectively grow knowledge. the sharing part of blogging is really important.

i blog because i want to help provide information to certain select groups of people. the side effect of doing that is the things that austen mentioned. the developers that see no value for blogging, probably don't see a value of sharing their thoughts. that is a real shame.

finally, i think a lot of developers thinks that their only job is writing code. i totally disagree with that. there are so many other skills that one needs to be a rock star; programming skills are just part of it. its maybe the least important one; don't get me wrong i think it is a requirement. soft skills are very important. if one day i'm called a rock star programmer, it won't be because of my hacking skills. i have so much more to offer and aspire towards.

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