Friday, November 16, 2007

one laptop per child

i know that everyone is talking about one laptop per child. but, i think its important to get the word out and a little perspective on what people actually think about this. so here is what i honestly think.

i think it is a fantastic idea. i think it is expensive but who cares if you change a life. i think i want to help out and get one. i think i'm not sure if that is the best use of my money. i think i should use my money for something like this. i think if i was a kid that couldn't afford stuff like this, then i'd really really be happy and thankful for getting one. i think this could change the world. i think the laptop isn't that cool, but really cool at the same time. i think there are kids in america that could use this. i think bill gates should by a million of these and donate it. i think it might be a little too slow to really use. i think its cool that everything runs off of python. i think i would split this with someone. i think i would like to give it to the kid. i think i would love to see a documentary about this. i think all laptops should come with all the harry potter ebooks. i think all laptops should come with an encyclopedia. i think it would be great that one day it was 50 dollars for one laptop. i think one laptop per child is a lot of laptops. i think where do kids in third world countries plugin to electricity. i think the laptop might get stolen. i think i wish i had this when i was a kid. i think it is a fantastic idea.

i think every child that wants a laptop should be able to get one. i think this is cool.

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