Monday, April 28, 2008

ICS classes sound interesting

FYI - the ICS department is going to have a couple of interesting courses next semester. here are a couple of the interesting ones:

1) ICS 481: Intro to Computer Graphics - I hear that someone from pixar is going to teach this course (i don't have any evidence though)
2) ICS 491: Special Topics with Dr. Ikehara - I think this course is going to be about robtics
3) ICS 491: Social Informatics, technology for collaboration and online communities with Dr. Suthers (see the write up below) - I'm not sure but I think Dr. Suthers taught this for his graduate level students this semester.
4) ICS 432: Concurrent Programming - sounds like cool stuff
5) ICS 632: High Performance Computing

I heard a few students talking about delaying their graduation because of excitement surrounding the robotics and graphics classes. i think its great that the students are really excited about the classes they are taking. when i went to school the exciting class was ICS 415 intro to web programming; we didn't have high performance computing, robotics, etc. so, i'm really glad that the students get to learn about these interesting topics. it makes learning a lot more fun!

and of course, the class that i always recommend ICS 413 is being offered (interview with randy, make students awesome).
here are the other courses that UH ICS is offering next semester (Fall 2008 Class Availability); go check it out.


Randy Cox said...

Another interesting class I am considering is:

ICS 691 - Computer Vision by Dr. Baek

It was suppose to be ICS 683, but the course info was submitted too late and it ended up being a generic ICS 691 course number.

aaron said...

ah. thanks randy. i met dr. baek a couple times. she seems like a very motivated teacher and researcher. let me know how the class is if you take it.