Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dept ICS TopCoder Software Engineering Competition

YES!!!! this is going to be awesome.


Exciting news! The department is putting on a coding competition (see
the ics website). This is great news and should be a really fun experience for the students.

We are planning to support the department by providing mentors for the teams and prizes. I'm coordinating our support effort and have been in communication with Dr. Ikehara. The wheels are already in motion:

- Tomorrow I'm meeting with a few of the alumni that have already volunteered to help.
- I have already talked with a couple of the Dual Use companies about donations for prizes and general support
- I'm looking into forming a formal alumni association; non-profit organization. i'll hopefully setup a meeting with the College of Engineering alumni association soon.
- We are considering changing to use NING instead of Google Groups for our ICS alumni website.

There is so much to do. But, I'm so happy that the department has made a commitment to the students. And I think that they really need our support to keep these sorts of events and activities alive.

Please let me know if you can help in anyway. A few very small things that you can do now is
1) spread the word about the competition
2) find the ICS alumnis in your company and spread the word about the ics alumni association

thanks, Aaron Kagawa

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