Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ics alumni association for real this time

okay, so i'm really going to start to push for an alumni association for the department of information computer sciences at the university of hawaii. the department has some needs that i need to organize to support. here are some of my tentative action items in no particular order:
1) form an official no profit organization
2) talk to our accountant to see how best to handle money
3) decide on whether to use NING to host our ICS alumni club
4) form a board; we need a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer
5) find donations for an upcoming event
6) find mentors for an upcoming event

thats a pretty big list. i better get started really soon. anyone want to help?


deepfriedrice.com said...

Sure I can help, but why not just set up a free network on Ning like TechHui and keep it relatively low maintenance?

aaron said...

thanks for signing up to help. One vote for a ICS Alumni NING site. I'll set up a meeting to get better organized.