Monday, September 8, 2008

an idea for relationship management

every once in a while i have random ideas for cool sites or services. this one takes the cake for randomness. but here are some others
  • should have tried to do the android competition 2
  • an firefox extension idea for copying links
  • an idea called moody
  • wordle for my blogs and an idea
  • an idea for twitter
  • an idea for ESPN
  • resume visualization
  • google reader process improvement
  • geosearch
  • a crazy hackystat idea
  • google reader feature requests
  • things that i want from google

    actually, those are most of the ideas that i blogged about. i made it a point to try to write "idea" posts to help me formalize my ideas better. anyway here comes a new idea...

    an idea for relationship management

  • think online financial management for your relationship. i'm serious. really! okay, i'm not that interested in a software service telling me how my relationship with my wife is going, but i just see a huge market for this. online dating services is a million dollar industry (Yahoo! Personals,, and eHarmony). there are probably hundreds of ways to meet people online. the funny thing is that i would think that the sites want you to meet people and possible date, but ultimately fail and come running back to their site.

    so from a pure business standpoint there seems to be a huge market for this. i kind think of this as the next generation of financial management sites, diet sites, or even things like WebMD. anyway, my imagination is kind of flying around these days. i kind of think that there are some very social and very dynamic things that haven't hit the mainstream technology yet. another totally random idea that fits this idea is social networking for religion. or better yet, a site that teaches you a specific religion. this seems to be uncharted waters.

    someone instant messaged me with:
    [12:30 AM] READER: what kinda of relationship manegment
    [12:30 AM] READER: gimmie an example
    [12:31 AM] Aaron: not sure...
    [12:31 AM] Aaron: i think that question is interesting.. haha.
    [12:31 AM] Aaron: can computers even help with that.
    [12:32 AM] READER: i dont know
    [12:33 AM] Aaron: i think that would be an awesome advancement in technology. or i guess social science.

    anyway, the point is that i don't know how one would manage a relationship via technology. is that even possible. i don't know? but i do think that there are many of these types of social problems that current technology and/or science doesn't really help yet. maybe its the thing of the future.

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