Sunday, October 5, 2008

2008 hawaii's top high-tech leaders

tonight a few of us from referentia systems inc attended the 2008 flavors of technology and technology industry awards. it was at the hawaii prince hotel and it was awesome.

the cool thing was that i won an award for high tech leaders. here was a little info about it;

Technology News Bytes and the Pacific Technology Foundation honor individuals who are highly regarded for their leadership and service in Hawaii’s high technology industry.

To recognize and reward outstanding individuals for their leadership and service in Hawaii’s high technology industry, both within their organizations and in the community at large.

All nominees must be:
• Active professionals serving their current organization for at least one (1) year
• Individuals who have improved or advanced their organization using technology
• Recognized by their co-workers and collogues for their commitment to excellence in their profession
• Known for their expertise in technology
• Highly involved with professional organizations
• Active contributors and volunteers in the community
• Nominations are accepted from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Nominations are limited to a maximum of two (2) nominees per company, and can be either self-nominations or third-party nomination

i was surprised to find that i was even nominated. thanks to ian kitajima for the nomination. i had to rush a little on the questions, but here is a first draft (which i revised later).

anyway, the event was awesome. there was a coat and tie dress code, so we all got dressed up. here are some pictures from the event (i hear that there is a video of me accepting the award).

we actually had a csdl reunion of sorts; austen ito, james wang, robert brewer, and me. we also cheered on rosemary sumajitfor for winning her high tech leader award. yay rosemary! i hear that robert and philip have won awards in the past too. csdl represent!

also congratulations to my friends lynn fujioka and dan leuck for their awards!

anyway, i'm not sure that i really deserve this award just yet. there is so much more that i need to accomplish. i'll continue to push forward. but, a lot of the credit has to go to the awesome people at referentia. starting with the leadership from nelson to all the engineers that help me help the students. referentia has allowed me to grow in this capacity and i think thats awesome.


austen.ito said...


synthesis said...

w00t referentia!

Chad K. said...

Congratulations Aaron! You deserve it. You should show up to work everyday dressed like that.

Robert Brewer said...

Turns out I was wrong, Philip hasn't gotten the high tech leader award. He was just High Tech Executive of the month several years back.

We gotta nominate him next year!

aaron said...

yeah thats a great idea. haha. it would be awesome to see him in a suit! hahah.

Randy Cox said...

Congratulations, Aaron, you do deserve it. You've inspired me to learn more and go back to school. LOL

aaron said...

thanks randy!