Monday, October 20, 2008

my ics courses

today, a few of us visited the ics department to plan the uh ics robocode competition. while, i was walking around the post building i stumbled upon this document; information and advice for computer science majors and minors. it seemed pretty interesting and i wanted to see what type of information the department provided its students. so, i took a copy for myself.

the document seems pretty interesting at a high level. i'm not really sure it offers a whole bunch of advice, it does have a lot of information. anyway, if you have been following my blog for a while, you'll know that i've tried to lay out a lot of advice for students. so, i won't go into a lot of details about process, work habits, communication, soft skills, 6 steps to awesomeness, undergrad thesis, etc. instead, i'll give you a pretty concrete piece of advice.

Take ICS 413/414/613
Software Engineering
from Dr. Philip Johnson

is that clear enough for you? here is a current website of the fall 2008 ics 413 class. and look it even has a quote from me:

The skills you acquire in ICS 413 provide professional advantages. Aaron Kagawa, a software engineer and recruiter for Referentia Corporation, has this to say: It has been my experience that learning technologies like Ant, JUnit, Eclipse, and Subversion and practices like Code Reviews, Extreme Programming, and User Testing will separate you from the rest of crowd when applying for entry level Software Engineering positions. While recruiting and evaluating University of Hawaii ICS students one of the first questions I ask is "Did you take 413 Software Engineering?" Followed by, "Do you know what JUnit is?"

anyway... if you are still wondering what classes i took, here is a list of all of them. i also included my grades in those classes for one reason. i got pretty good grades. but, i guarantee it is not because i'm smart. i got good grades because i worked my ass off. if you read my academic journey you'll see what i'm talking about. here it is, all the ics classes i took (note i started UH in 1998. i didn't start taking ics classes till 2000)

spring 2000ics 101(lab)A

spring 2000ics 111(lab) [lew]
Bi had a fantastic ta that really helped us
fall 2000ics 141 [gersh]

fall 2000ics 211 [biagoni]

spring 2001ics 212 [peterson]

spring 2001ics 311 [suthers]

fall 2001ics 312 [sugihara]

fall 2001ics 313 [stelovsky]

fall 2001ics 321 [deryke]

spring 2002ics 331(lab) [ikehara]

spring 2002ics 413 software engineering [johnson]
spring 2002ics 415 web programming [stelovsky]

summer 2002ics 491 [gilbert] programming

summer 2002ics 499 [gilbert] programming
fall 2002ics 414 software engineering II [johnson]
fall 2002ics 499 [johnson]
Aworking on my honors thesis
fall 2002ics 691 [johnson]
Aa class about hackystat. i was the only undergrad in the class
spring 2003ics 463 hci [hundhousand]

spring 2003ics 499 [johnson]
Aworking on my honors thesis
i finally got my undergraduate degree! grad school starting
fall 2003ics 613 software engineering [johnson]
Agrad level software engineering
fall 2003ics 623 data security [peterson]
Adr. peterson is a genius
spring 2004ics 691 [quiroga]
Ainformation architecture
spring 2004ics 699 [johnson]
Amasters thesis work
fall 2004ics 624 data management [nordbotten]

fall 2004ics 664 hci [strevler]A

fall 2004ics 690 [suthers]

fall 2004ics 691 [binstead]
Adesign for mobile
fall 2004ics 699 [johnson]
Astill working on the masters thesis
spring 2005ics 699 [johnson]Astill working on the masters thesis
spring 2005ics 700A

summer 2005ics 699 [johnson]Astill working on the masters thesis
i finally got my masters degree!

hopefully, this is interesting or useful to some of the students. if you have any specific questions about the classes i took let me know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice on courses. Although I'm not planning for a career as a programmer i'll take the software engineer for a solid background.

- UH ICS undergrad Sr.

aaron said...

hey kels, i'm glad that was useful to you. if not a programmer what are you planning for your career?