Wednesday, September 5, 2007

are timestamps the unique key for all sensor data?

aaron: how do i view the sensor data
aaron: not the refs.
austen: you mean the raw data on the server with out SDV?
aaron: yes.
austen: lemmie get you the url rq
aaron: http://HIDDEN:9876/sensorbase/sensordata/HIDDEN-EMAIL?sdt=DevEvent
aaron: that gets me the sensordataref
austen: ahh
austen: copy the ref into your go bar
austen: that work?
aaron: yeah.
austen: ok
austen: and no you can't view the data all together
aaron: question.
aaron: what happens if
aaron: http://HIDDEN:9876/sensorbase/sensordata/HIDDEN-EMAIL/2007-09-05T11:33:44.046-10:00
aaron: there are two entries at the same time.
aaron: not possible?
austen: collision
austen: one is lost
aaron: if they are different sdts?
austen: the timestamp is a primary key
austen: oh
aaron: and different tools?
austen: then its ok
aaron: how is it okay
aaron: http://HIDDEN:9876/sensorbase/sensordata/HIDDEN-EMAIL/2007-09-05T11:33:44.046-10:00
aaron: that is the href.
austen: oh
austen: haha
austen: guess not then
austen: theoretically you can't have things happen at the same time
austen: lol
aaron: of course you can.
aaron: editing and building.
austen: yah yah i know im joking
aaron: haha.
austen: data will probably be lost in that case
austen: that is the problem xmldata addresses
austen: i have to generate unique timestamps if they specify the option
austen: the bad part is the logs do not show the right time
austen: cause you gotta massage it
aaron: thats totally bogus
austen: i think the cases that there will be collions are small
aaron: haha. so.
austen: the common one i can think of is when tools run batches of analyses and give them the same timestamp
austen: even the editng and building example you give will give different timestamps
austen: its to the millisecond
aaron: again.. so..
aaron: that seems really bogus.
aaron: hope that we dont have the same milliseconds.
aaron: oh well...
austen: haha
aaron: i'll send an email maybe.
austen: good maybe i'll get a clearer understanding of how the data is stored
austen: all i know is its the timestamp of the data per user
austen: omg stop talking about hackystat. now i wanna do the reviews

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