Friday, September 14, 2007

current readings

effective java
so, i started to read effective java for like the tenth time. its is a great book. its hard to remember everything in it. but, once you review its like "oh yeah, that makes sense. hmm. i wonder if i'm breaking this rule. um.. yeah i am. i suck." thus, you need to review.

for all you looking to improve in javadocing (mr. k, i'm talking about you), see item 28.

on thing that i started to do was, write an article with the cool things in each item. i remember doing this before, but i can't find it. that sucks. but, i always learn better when i write things down. cause you do two things you read it, then you have to remember it again to write it down. it seems like a waste of time, but you should try it. this especially works when you do lit reviews for research. again, try it before you knock it.

other books in the queue
i haven't read man-month in a while. i need to finish it so i can give it to austen. then to the others at work. like i said before its a cool book. it is cool because it is so old, yet still so good.

restful webservices. i didn't even open the fridgen book. ahhh!! it is calling to me.

i got a cool book from my co-worker. that i want to read to.

yay for reading. boo to not having enough time.

shout out to austen
i don't like reading, normally. but austen is making me want to read, so i don't suck compared to him. boo to him. haha. nah. but it is good to read.


Philip Johnson said...

Hi Aaron,

Don't forget that the second edition of Effective Java will be out in November with updates for Java 5!


austen.ito said...

Yay for new effective java! And I started to read Mythical Man Month this weekend. It's very interesting how things are some things still haven't changed. The book is nice because its essays and not a textbook. It's not boring, which is always a plus.