Monday, September 3, 2007

my first v8 milestone, a visualization idea, and rant on google projects

v8 milestone
so, i did my first v8 milestone. i had to hack during my labor day holiday... but, it was kinda fun to get back into it. i should be able to pump out more of the other sensors no problem. i have a bunch of questions tho, see julie's milestone email for the ant sensors.

an idea
so... i had a hackystat visualization idea. this is a stolen idea from christoph (but i guess it shows how good his idea was). so, the idea is a graphical playback of the days or weeks activities. imagine if you will, a node graph of all the packages in the system. then we hit play.
- the animation will show you where the active time occurred in the project, by showing some sort of flash of color.
- the animation will show the packages (nodes) getting larger (maybe pulsate or something).
- the animation will show the packages (nodes) degrading with lowering coverage or complexity, maybe with some sort of opacity or maybe some sort of image that gets uglier.
is this useful? i think so. i think it might give us a good idea of what is going on in the project. i often wonder, what are the other developers doing? previously, i'd have to monitor progress by looking at daily reports or doing a weekly report. but that usually takes a bunch of clicks and looking at a few reports. telemetry helps, but when we want to get a 1 click summary telemetry isn't that great.

google project's wiki and issue
after working with google project's wiki and issue management. you might think that i'm getting used to it. no.. i still don't like it that much. i agree it is pretty simple. but, it seems slow and hard to navigate. two things that make it hard to use. i don't really like it so far.

oh... btw, how do the heck do i edit the wiki pages via svn commits?

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Philip Johnson said...

The visualization idea is great. I'm just not sure what to visualize. If you think of an animation as a series of "frames" that you display quickly in order to get the visualization effect, then the question in my mind is what the contents of an individual frame would look like.

To make life simple, you could imagine some kind of "generic" frame that provides some sort of visualization of the sensor data that arrived in an hour, along with a representation of the software and a representation of the developers. Then, you create 24 of these frames, and you've got an animation of an entire day.

The problem is that we have not found abstracted raw data to be that useful.

So the next step would be to use something like dailyprojectdata instances for each frame. Then each frame represents a single day of development.

How could one present the system, the developers, and the dailyprojectdata in such a way as to have a meaningful animation?