Sunday, July 27, 2008

hackystat dev

i've been pretty busy working on hackystat during off time. its pretty fun getting back into hackystat hacking. we've been doing pretty good. actually, its not exactly hackystat hacking. we've been doing a mix of custom and open source hacking. for example, we've been accessing jira directly to get jira issue data. and we've been thinking of creating a mini-feed/stream of consciousness. that doesn't really map too well with hackystat.

anyway, i'm enjoying our latest hackystat development. we have a pretty good plan and we are making progress. one of the things that i enjoy is the collaboration. we do "night time internet". we are all online at night hacking a way. we all know the problems and goals so collaboration over chat is pretty easy. some times we also do lunch time dev, where we spend an hour hacking during "lunch". the other cool thing we do is we have a requirement to do one blog post related to hackystat per week (this is in an internal blog). it keeps us on track. oh, oh, oh.... the other thing i do is keep on my guys to update their jira issues. i don't care if they spent 30 minutes working on something, i want to know about it. this helps keep the project active and helps keep each other aware of whats going on.

we got one more interesting thing in the works... hopefully it will be successful. i'll blog about it later once we get things more developed.

anyway, i've been busy. haha. thats why i haven't posted too much. but, i will start it up again. i promise!

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austen.ito said...

I gotta update my jira issues more.