Thursday, July 31, 2008

hackystat-sensorbase-postgres size

we've been using the hackystat-sensorbase-postgres module for a couple of weeks now. and everything looks pretty good. no failed sensors, no need to restart the sensorbase (knock on wood). everything looks great.

so, i wanted to check out the statistics of the postgres tables, so i ran the analyze and vaccum maintenance executable. and viewed the report. here is what i found.

hackystat-sensorbase-postgres stores about 750,000 sensor data entries in 100 MB.
hackystat-sensorbase-uh stores about 350,000 sensor data entries in 1 GB (according to philip in this email thread, i need to validate that number)

woah! well, haha. i guess that should be expected. the awesome thing is that i think our database will perform well no matter how much data is in our database. and we should see fast query times all day, every day. :)

by the way, i'd imagine that we'd hit 2 million sensor data entries a month. thats just a guess, i'll let you know when we reach a month of up time.

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austen.ito said...

We some way to view the data now ;)