Wednesday, July 9, 2008

pixar is getting a lot of great press lately

and they apparently deserve it. check out this article: Pixar's tightknit culture is its edge.

According to “Pixar Rules — Secrets of a Blockbuster Company,” the company has created an incredible work environment that keeps employees happy and fulfilled. The result: “A tightknit company of long-term collaborators who stick together, learn from one another, and strive to improve with every production.”

Thanks to Pixar University, employees learn to see the company’s work (and their colleagues) in a new light. “The skills we develop are skills we need everywhere in the organization,” Nelson said. “Why teach drawing to accountants? Because drawing class doesn’t just teach people to draw. It teaches them to be more observant. There’s no company on earth that wouldn’t benefit from having people become more observant.”

You can try to outspend the competition. Or you can try to outculture them. Create a place that makes employees feel special. A place that makes them feel like they’re part of a bigger whole. A place where they continually get to learn and evolve. A place where everyone actually likes each other.

wow.. that is cool. here is another one: The human side of Pixar's robot - (37signals)

Pixar proves it’s one of those great companies that is run by unabashedly human people, and it’s no wonder why their work is so personal and touching. When you engage yourself with your customers and your audience on a level that reminds them you are the same, the experience is far greater than just using a product or just seeing a movie. Humanity is desperately missing in our age of megacorporations and big box stores.

People love robots, but they’ll love you if you’re human, too.

thats great press! but more importantly, its really awesome! going back to the pixar university. i think thats really smart, because it fosters creativity. providing a diverse group a people with the same language and framework equals a creative situation. the pixar university keeps the goal of the company at the forefront of their every day activities; make awesome movies and push the limits of what animation can do.

haha. i can say some funny things about work now... but, i'll refrain. :)

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