Sunday, August 26, 2007

hackystat withdrawals

so, i've been AFH (away from hackystat) for the past week or so. and i noticed that i miss it. i also noticed that it is pretty easy to want to spend 30 minutes a day on hackystat and find yourself spending the whole 30 minutes on reading emails, thinking about design, etc and no a single minute on coding. doing that kind of stuff consumes your thoughts and you can get lost in it (which is a good thing).

for me to work on hackystat i need to do the following:
1) find the time (about an hour or more) preferably not interrupted
2) i have to (or really want to be) up-to-date on all the emails and postings, etc. so if takes me the whole time to do that, then i'm done. no hacking. and no, i don't feel bad.
3) make time to write an email. i like to write emails about hackystat. for example, i read other peoples emails, read code, etc. i like to provide input. its fun
4) i like to collaborate on tasks over instant message. so, if austen is working on something. its fun to know what he's working on and what choices he's is making. likewise, its fun to let him know what i'm working on, etc.
5) and general day-dreaming about hackystat is aways necessary.

wow.. so that's probably a lot different from things that i need(or want to do) when i actually do "real" work. haha. :). why is that?

to me that is the definition of a good project. give me an environment that makes feel that way and i'll be happy.

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