Tuesday, March 18, 2008

attack of the twittering ian

i just happened to stumble upon twitter's explore blocks visual application. the idea is pretty simple and cool:
Explore your Twitter Block: Discover new people on your Twitter block by navigating through this animated three dimensional visualization of who follows whom.

here is what my twitter block looks like:

(the title is a joke... zoom into the picture. i'm just pointing out that ian twitters a lot, which i think is awesome).

anyway, so i thought that the twitter blocks was a pretty cool idea on how to explore and find new people. it doesn't work that great. we have a long way to go to make visualizing data useful and intuitive.

this is an interesting area, but i definitely need to learn more about it. here is one book that is pretty cool: Visualizing Data. here is a recent blog post from palantir tech.

we are definitely going to focus on this area a lot more in the coming months. stay tuned.

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