Thursday, March 20, 2008

more people are sharing

there has been a slight change in culture in my circle; more people are actually google reading, twittering, and sharing. it is actually an interesting time right now as we all are trying to figure out how best to make this all work. there is no formula.

with that being said, let me revisit my triumphant post: i got 2 people to use google reader today. a lot of what i wrote still makes a lot of sense (i guess i didn't write it that long ago).

but, i do want to keep on reminding myself about the 10 second vignette of knowledge concept.

anyway, i'm totally psyched about the recent culture and tech change. yay! gotta get more people involved.


dng said...

Thanks for getting me involved. This culture of sharing has gotten me up to date with what's going on. Now I feel apart of it.

aaron said...

i'm totally psyched that you are more involved. you are a part of it. you have a lot of great thoughts. keep it up! imua!

aaron said...

by the way, you are free to come to visit any time you want. just let me know.