Wednesday, March 19, 2008

driving a project with hackystat

in CSDL (the collaborative software development laboratory) we explored a permanent display of metrics in our telemetry wall. basically it was a control center for trends on a 9 monitor display. we played around with that for a little while but lost interest in it - it sat there for months without using it. i came up the idea of the telemetry wall 2.0, which made the telemetry wall a little more collaborative; not just metrics.

the UH ICS software engineering students are working on this idea in the informative workspace project. they are making good progress.

but, i had a realization the other day about what else i want to have on the informative workspace. i don't want the informative workspace to be just a useful tool in passing. i want it to be able to also drive the project. i want it to be the place where we go to give our scrum meetings. i don't think we are quite there yet. there are a lot of things to figure out. but, basically, i think the telemetry wall (or informational workspace as it is called now) can help focus on day to day management of the project. help project managers and the team manage their project by providing a more robust and higher fidelity set of information. i don't think we focused a lot on this in the past; telemetry and even trajectory focuses at a different set of problems.

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