Saturday, August 18, 2007

developer releases...

woah.. okay i just realized that we are going to have a lot of services. and that means a lot of version management. code in hackystat-sensor-ant's svn trunk might work against hackystat-sensor-shell that was released a month ago, but has since been totally reworked. so... when we make a release how do we know that hackystat-sensor-ant-8.0.816 is compatible with hackystat-sensor-shell-8.0.816?

this is a difficult problem.

here is an example: i want to make a change to a constructor that introduces a checked exception; see the email. but, now instead of using refactoring or other eclipse ide tricks of changing all code that uses the constructor, i will have to build SensorProperties and make a distribution, then manually fix the errors that come in all clients of SensorProperties to make sure that everything still works. to me this is related to the problem i pointed out previously with the eclipse project dependencies.

anyway, i'll give it a try. at the very least documentation will have to improve to ensure people understand the changes to the API.

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