Wednesday, August 15, 2007

smart and get things done then on to man-month

i just recently finished smart and get things done by joel spolsky. as usual, his books/articles are really good. unfortunately, i've read a lot of what is in the book. yet, it was still a pretty good book. i also like that it was really fast reading. anyway, i would recommend skimming through it at the very least.

i'm now reading they mythical man-month, by frederick brooks, jr. i've read most of this book a long time ago. so long ago, i don't really remember the chapters or maybe i didn't really understand the meaning of it all. anyway, the book is going well. i like a few of his points. one thing that i thought was funny was a chapter on space management. i didn't read it... but it was funny to see something like that.

then after that, i want to read restful web services and then a book on data mining. i have these two books staring at me right now.

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