Wednesday, August 15, 2007

getting started with hackystat

I know I've been slacking a lot. Work is keeping me busy. Anyway, I had a day of vacation and I missed Hackystat Hacking some much I decided I better get my daily serving of V8.

So, I just spent a little while just getting up to speed on development, reading, and rest. On the development side, I just finished getting the sensorbase running. Here are some of my notes (i guess i should set up my Hackystat blog):

1) <fail message="This package requires JavaMail 4.1 to be downloaded and JAVAMAIL_HOME defined" unless="javamail.available"> 4.1 is wrong... its 1.4, right?

2) a lot of the tools on the developer guide are outdated. I found that out after downloading the latest versions of all of these. So, I downloaded the ones specified, which was a little hard, some of the old tools are not directly listed on the web sites. Okay, I understand that the versions listed there are tested and confirmed. But, I would imagine that with the current ANT Build process, that upgrading the tools within the build.xml files is going to be a big pain. Tool versions and paths should be specified globally for all hackystat services via a properties file. That would be my suggestion.

by the way, a new version of Derby was just released on my son's birthday. Also, note that i can't seem to download the old one. I don't know what is up with that, because they provide past releases.

oh... well, i thought i had more to talk about.. but, I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress of getting started with V8.

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