Friday, August 17, 2007

hackystat is fun, google issues

hackystat is fun
it is so nice to be able to work on hackystat again. i didn't realize how much i've missed it until i started hacking again. hackystat is great because:
- you can understand other peoples code.
- you can make suggestions and people listen
- the developers strive to make it the best possible system
- hackystat is big enough but not to big, it tackles a difficult concept, but in small understandable chunks
- the design is clear and things are abstracted nicely
- i'm running out of words... but, you'll notice that once you get into hackystat and really understand it, you'll be hooked. trust me. if you disagree, then as austen would say your a noob.

google issues
so, i have some issues with google issues and the way we use it in hackystat v8. i have a few, but i'll explain one. my issue is that when users use hackystat v8 (add a few of its services), is it going to be easy to identify where the bugs came from? i bet its not. yet, in google code we have a issues system that is tightly coupled to the service. so, if a users fires up a web browser and finds a error, he'll probably log the bug in the web UI. but in actuality, the bug might come from sensorbase. what is worse, the web UI developer could be totally clueless about that and ignore the issue all together. thus, the sensorbase bug, will go unnoticed.

okay, so i can't resist... i have more... how the heck can you move a google code issue from one project to another. sheesh... they should work on a better system. what the heck is up with the separate google code password. sheesh...

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austen.ito said...

they will be a noob!

I forsee the huge issue management problems...