Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a crazy hackystat idea

i gotta start heading out of work, but here is a quick crazy idea.

what if the hackystat user interface lived within something like apache lenya or ning. i don't think that is realistic, but what i kinda like the thought. applying hackystat to social networking instead of applying social networking to hackystat. anyway, that is random thought, but maybe it can jump start some brainstorming about what kinds of specific things software developers want in a "collective intelligence hackystat system.


Philip Johnson said...

Not so crazy. The bigger question is why one would want integration with a social network (be it Ning, FaceBook, MySpace, whatever).

See here for one motivation for such integration.

aaron said...

actually, i think i'm beyond the why we want social capabilities and i'm moving to how we are going to implement it.

the crazy idea is an implementation idea. instead of creating GWT widgets, the crazy idea is saying that we should just adopt NING and write NING components. (thats why its crazy). one of the reasons why i didn't really like the move to google wiki was that i was hoping that we could use confluence and create plugins that had hackystat charts. the confluence + hackystat plugins could be the user interface.

anyway. i think we are disconnecting a little. i'm way beyond the why, i'm trying to figure out how.