Wednesday, December 19, 2007

google reader feature requests

some ideas for google reader features

  • i want google reader to only show the subscriptions that have unread postings. this would make it a lot easier to do a "gu" shortcut and jump to the subscriptions that need reading. i want this feature. i would hack on this feature.
  • a better notification system for new posts. i like to stay on top of my readings so that i don't have hundreds of postings to sort through. i do this fairly quickly. i mark the postings that i don't care to read as read. and i leave the interesting ones unread. over the course of the week i go back and read the ones that are interesting. when using reader like that, for some reason i want to know when new postings are available so i can quickly sort through them. i find that to be a lot more efficient than waiting till the end of the week.
  • send the tags along with the posting. i wish there was away to send the tags or labels of the postings through the subscriptions. that would help me determine a lot faster whether i care about the posting or not. one could imagine a more verbose organization of subscriptions.
  • wouldn't it be interesting to see a tag or word cloud of the postings that you star or share. now that would be interesting.

    those were some random ideas that i made up in 5 minutes. its rather interesting that i can do that so quickly. that indicates to me that google reader is a good application. its good because i see the potential. its good because i want to use it. and its good that i want to use its future features. if you think about the application that you are working on for work or as a side project and you can't generate a list like that, then i would argue that it isn't that interesting. or worse yet, your application lacks a direction.
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