Wednesday, December 19, 2007

more clover work

i've made some progress on getting clover working and the clover hackystat sensor. i feel compelled to talk a little more about clover. here are a few of my other clover posts; implementing the clover sensor and metrics clouds.

so, the clover tool looks pretty cool. however, i'm not sure how much better it is than something like emma. one thing is certain, clover has a lot nice reports. here is an example:

that is pretty nice. i suppose that is the benefits of a commercial tool. however, i found bad sides of a commercial tool. for example, the licensing costs is ridiculous:

for some reason the forums were pretty empty. i guess it could be because of the recent buy out of Cenqua. i want a bigger community behind it.

or maybe its the cost of the tool itself. anyway, i'm not sure why no one is posting. all i know is that i would be crazy to want to buy this tool at full price.

i do think clover is a good tool and i would use it.


pte said...

The clover forums only moved to Atlassian a couple of weeks ago. The old forums (with thousands of messages) are here. (There is a link on the forum index, but there should be a note on the list view)

aaron said...

cool thanks. they should move over the forum or at least link Atlassian's to Cenqua's.