Saturday, December 8, 2007

re: My Resume Objective Is Crap

austen wrote a interesting blog about his objective statement. based on what he wrote, i have some additional comments.

how about this instead:

i value work environments that value developers over products, science over marketing, and innovation over the bottom line. in this environment the development team can write software that is revolutionary and will make a difference. As a software engineer, i strive to create software products of the highest quality and i am determined to find a work environment that matches my enthusiasm.

well, that encompasses things that i strive for. but, i believe you are interested in similar things

in fact, one needs to figure out a mantra. now that is a cool idea. what is your personal mantra. thinking for 20 seconds, my mantra is "quality innovation" or maybe its something like "world changing" . haha something like that. i think a problem that i am currently struggling with is trying to find my personal mantra.

once we figure that out.... one needs to determine whether the work environment has people with similar aspirations, mantras, motivations, determinations, skill, etc. in addition, whether those same things are valued by the company by creating policies, organization structure, projects, etc where those people can strive. it is all connected. people and companies need to understand that. companies like fogcreek, google, and it seems like even atlassian is getting there.

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austen.ito said...

Good idea. I need to think of my personal mantra.