Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i got 2 people to use google reader today

inspired by google readers new friend shared feature, i set out to get people to use google reader and share stuff. i got two friends to try it out. yay!

how come i'm all excited? i'll tell you why.

i've been trying to get people to share (via reader) what they thought were interesting for a long time. i thought that writing things in my blog was good enough; for example, twitter, sharing, and hackystat goals. but for some reason, i didn't get through to people (people that actually read my blog). it took some manual coaching and the fact that the google reader had a lot of hipe up this feature helped a lot too. i think the key thing was the manual coaching that made the difference.

i really think sharing things like this sets a foundation of getting to know someone in a distributed collaboration. meaning, that i know what kinds of things that the person likes and thinks is interesting. i learn a lot from people just by looking at what they share. and this really ties in nicely with what the wired folks are doing with their help me help you idea. as a side effect, i'm exposed to so much more than i ever will find out by my self. like i've been saying its like a 10 second vignette of knowledge.

lastly, i made this up the other day. i sent my non-google-reader friend some interesting links the other day and told him you owe me 5 interesting links next time. i call this link debt. i share you share kind of thing. i think that is a really cool idea.

anyway, i think sharing is a really good concept. google reader has its flaws but its still pretty useful. i enjoy learning about others through this sharing concept.

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