Thursday, October 4, 2007

know your industry

i've been recently very interested about learning about the hawaii high tech industry. until recently, i thought i knew a lot. i actually know a lot of people in many different high tech companies. so much so, that i think of my self as pretty connected. haha. lately, i've realized that i know squat.

it is one thing to know the companies, its another to learn about their business models, their initiatives, and what makes hawaii's industry tick. lately, i've been trying to soak this stuff up like a sponge.

take a look this very cool video: dual use video on oceanits website

here are some additional and random links for you to start your own investigation:

System.out.println("hello, real world");
High Technology Development Corporation
isis Hawaii
honolulu coders
enterprise honolulu

i have much to learn about hawaii's high tech community. there are many different organizations, leaders, and companies out there. but, what i do know is that it always comes down to the scientists, engineers and students.

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