Monday, June 2, 2008

changing to something other than windows

i've been thinking about changing operating systems lately. i've been putting off using a better operating system cause i just don't want to hassle with all the minor "broken" things. i've been really happy with XP for a while. it is a pretty stable operating system and it works with nearly everything. that is the nice thing about windows. buy a new digital camera and it works with XP; i'm not sure you can say the same thing with linux. here is a funny video about the different os choices.

there are pluses and minuses for all choices. austen would say its lame that i still use XP for hacking and i definitely agree. but, the simple fact that my work computer is a xp machine and that xp is the operating system installed on all my computers pretty much makes me an xp user.

so i've been thinking of getting a mac or maybe getting a separate linux machine. i don't know. i'm almost ready to make a change, i wonder what i need to push me over the edge. i guess the bottom line is that i don't care that much; or i would have switched a long time ago.


rtk said...

I felt the same way you do. I was content with XP. It did the job and I really didn't care much about anything else.
But after using a Mac for about a year now, I would always choose a Mac as my personal machine. It works the way a programmer would want it to. If you want to set things up a certain way, you can easily do it with a Mac. With XP, you either need to figure out some weird work around or just not do it at all. Macs seem to have an eligant way of getting things done.
I also played with Linux a bit and for me, it was just too much trouble. Linux is cool but you need to do everything yourself. You need to install and configure (and sometimes compile) everything while making sure you have the right versions of stuff. I just didn't have the time or smarts to do it.
Macs have the right combination of ease of use that you get from XP and control of the system that you get with Linux.

aaron said...

i'm starting a campaign to get mac's listed as a supported OS at work. lets hope that i'm successful. :)

synthesis said...

mac. do it.

austen.ito said...

i hate coding on windows.