Sunday, June 8, 2008

an idea for twitter

here is an idea for twitter. an led sign like the one i found at plasmaled can show your updates at your desk at work. obviously, the sign would be situated so that people walking by can see the messages. the basic idea is that maybe you can twitter about work. for example,
i'm working on the proposal for the acme project.

i'm having a bad day. don't bother me.

its kind of a random novelty item that could be branded as a twitter hardware product. it could make millions.

UPDATE: here is a similar concept for viewing facebook pictures with a Wi-Fi photo frame.

it adds new feeds to its 8-inch Wi-Fi frame. Already able to get streams from online photo services such as Flickr or Photobucket, the wireless frame has now added Facebook to its networked family.

Once hooked up to your Facebook account, it will automatically display photos uploaded to the social network, GeekAlerts says. Which means that you probably want to be careful where you place the frame when mom and dad come over.


rtk said...

If you get the LED display (see if there's a USB one), I'll do it.

Robert Brewer said...

Except your latest status might not be the one you want to share with everyone who walks by. Maybe a #code to indicate it's the one you want to LED share?

aaron said...

re: robert thats a great idea. perhaps maybe the twitter display (TD) should have an account. and we do a "@TD aaron is awesome". that way others can use the display too.