Wednesday, June 11, 2008

cmmi ftw

it is official, i am officially trained in cmmi v1.2 via the official training course, Introduction to CMMI Version 1.2. according to sei, i am one out of about 54k people that have taken the intro to cmmi course. haha. an elite group to say the least! here is a very high level overview of cmmi.

in God we trust, all others bring data --Deming

when i picture googled cmmi i got some entertaining graphics:

woah.. that looks really simple. not!. and thats level 3. sheesh.

haha.. its a money maker for sure.

some dude post this as a cmmi pic.

according to sei, 63.8% of the organizations using cmmi is outside of the US. haha. so i guess they are doing it by choice.

i want one of these!

process art!

i don't have all day to teach you all about cmmi. plus i want to keep all that knowledge for myself anyway. haha. go read the wikipedia cmmi page first. then ask me a question.

and! i am also officially trained in "standard cmmi appraisal method for process improvement (scampi): class b team training".

i'm making a lot of fun about cmmi, but its serious stuff. its very important for us. and its not that easy. its time to get really serious and knock this cmmi stuff out of the park.


George Smith said...

The blog is quite good to get idea about Intro to CMMI and it really helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing the post.

aaron said...

You're welcome.