Thursday, June 12, 2008

wordle for my blogs and an idea

greg wilson's blog post about wordle got me interested enough to try it on the last three months of my blog. so, i copied and pasted all the text from my blog and got this:

it looks like for some reason i write about students a lot. i hardly see any software terms in there. i guess this isn't much of a technical blog. haha. wait a minute, i don't even see hackystat in there. i better write more about hackystat, hackystat, hackystat. :)

what does your wordle look like?

here is an idea
wordle should make wordle's for your twitter feed. here is a wordle from ian's tweets for the past couple weeks:

(twittering ian's wordle - this was my first version using screen scrape from the twitter website)

(twittering ian's wordle - this is my second version using rss feeds)

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Ian K said...

HAHA...that's so cool and funny!