Friday, June 6, 2008

an idea for ESPN

i just had an idea for ESPN. i was talking to with ryank about his kid's baseball tournament. and an idea about creating a video highlight popped into my head. we all have seen those little league trading cards or fake sports magazines with kids pictures on it. this highlight video would be exactly like those fake magazines and trading cards, but it would be a Sportscenter highlight.

so, the idea is that ESPN create a online widget that allows the user to upload video segment; for example something that fits into the Top Plays of the Day. The user can adjust the time frames and line up with the Top Plays of the Day count down; maybe making their segment the number one play of the day. Then I guess the user can do a voice over to explain the play. maybe you can have stuart scott say "boo ya!".

this would be an awesome thing for ESPN to provide. if it was user friendly and very flashy, i bet it would get kids even more excited about their sports. i can see baseball, football, basketball kids all over the country making their own highlight videos.

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