Wednesday, June 18, 2008

an firefox extension idea for copying links

so, i did some searching around the internet for some cmmi references tonight and found some interesting ones that i wanted to share with my team. so, i started to write a wiki page with the links (hopefully i'll add some summary too). anyway, it occurs to me that i need to visit the page twice to copy. one time to get the title of the page (i hate links that are just the url) and another time to get the url. so i copy the title and url separately.

there needs to be a "copy title and url" function. that just basically writes this on a paste:
<a href="">CMMI Books</a>

here is a random side comment: i've just realized that one of the cool things in confluence is that the it dynamically builds links with a macro. for example, if the link was within confluence you'd just have to do [CMMI Books] and confluence will create the correct link for you. so, for linking to confluence pages you only need to know the name of the page. thats cool! (i told you that was random)


rtk said...

Here is a quick fix...maybe...
Create a bookmark on your toolbar and paste this into the location field:

javascript:mname=document.title;murl=document.location;temp=prompt('Copy your html link below:','<a href=\'' + murl + '\' title=\'' + mname + '\'>' + mname + '</a>');focus();

aaron said...

hey.. you are pretty smart. thanks that's pretty clever.

aaron said...

hey ryan. that javascript bookmark is already useful! thanks again.