Monday, October 8, 2007

cool random stuff

a couple of random things that i found while surfing.

i found sage, an open source mathematics software, while watching another google tech talk. it looks pretty cool. i have no idea what it does yet. but i want to learn. i think it uses phython. but, i've been somewhat interested in finding a java package for both the back-end calculations and a math editor. let me know if you know of one.

processing is a cool... hm... i actually don't know what to call it. it is a java api to create cool graphics. stevo clued me into it. it is a way for artsy people to learn how to hack and/or just create cool stuff. it is pretty interesting and cool looking. haha. no practical applications that i can think of tho. i am interested in using it to teach programing though. i'm planning on making a google code project to hold our processing stuff. i'm going to processing up in eclipse and ant; it should be cool. i think other processing dudes and dudets can use it as a base for their eclipse-based processing.

open source physics
haha. okay at least open source physics is a java library. i found this while looking at sage. see the connections. endless amount of cool stuff.

told you they were random... sorry one last thing: a rubiks cube solver with legos!

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