Friday, October 26, 2007

wanna try twitter?

aaron: wanna try twitter?
ryanK: sure
aaron: go sign up.
ryanK: what
aaron: who you?
aaron: found me?
ryanK: yep
aaron: pick who you want to follow.
ryanK: so what do it do
ryanK: not to sound dumb...but now what
aaron: haha
aaron: now its like micro blogging
ryanK: i see
aaron: for example...
ryanK: ok...i'm in
aaron: "wow i just saw angelina jolie!"
aaron: haha. or something random like that
ryanK: mine would be more like.....damn neighbors swearing again
aaron: haha
ryanK: ok...sounds good to me....i'm all for daily diversions
aaron: well, hackystat people are using it for awareness
aaron: for example.
ryanK: what kind of awareness?
aaron: working on Jira sensors. writing a unit test
ryanK: that's cool
ryanK: nice post
aaron: that why i want you to move to google
ryanK: ?
aaron: does yahoo pipes allow you to share?
ryanK: what do you mean?
aaron: share the blogs you like
aaron: these are the blog posting that i like
aaron: so you can read the ones that i like. cause you might like them too
aaron: google share
aaron: share some 10 second knowledge with me.
ryanK: no...pipes doesn't share
aaron: i had an idea for a consolidation type thing.
aaron: for example group rss feeds
ryanK: basically what you do is you select feeds....then you can combine them, filter out stuff,
ryanK: it's pretty cool.....a bit limited but it has its uses
ryanK: not really what you wanted in terms of sharing
aaron: ok i remember it now
aaron: i want global labels
ryanK: what that?
aaron: so.. look at
aaron: see the label section.
aaron: hacksytatv8, hitech, reading, hackylife
ryanK: yeah
aaron: i want to see all the posting on "hawaii hi tech"
aaron: globally
ryanK: your assuming everyone else will label it the same
aaron: well. yes
ryanK: that is sort of way the tagging thing died out a bit
aaron: so, a website that provides what labels you can use if you want to be global labeling.
aaron: imagine a search on "hawaii hi tech"
ryanK: your talking about creating some sort of vocabulary
aaron: it shows a list of blogs and articles
aaron: sorted by who says good things.
ryanK: i sort of know what you are talking about
aaron: i think it has to do with semantic web
ryanK: bah....that's a too big problem
aaron: rss aggregations.
aaron: rss aggregations
or a cool rss aggregator.basically, what i want to do is aggregate the blogs that certain peoplewrite into a group of blogs that should be about the same topic. forexample, austen and i could be in a group. to further specifyinteresting blogs on the same topic we could then agree to use the samelabels.
ryanK: the key is getting people who you know together and gathering the info as a group
aaron: right
aaron: yes
aaron: you can do that in many ways
aaron: blogs, twitter, shared blogs, shared websites
ryanK: that last thing about the rss aggregator
ryanK: i use pipes for that
aaron: i use google reader for that.
ryanK: you pipe in the blogs that are similar into a single feed
aaron: but it isn't global it is personal.
ryanK: i see
aaron: i want global.
ryanK: let me see if i understand...
ryanK: what you want (in a perfect world) is for everyone to use a set of labels and label their blog entries so that some sort of aggregator could get them and put them together as a related group
aaron: yes
aaron: not just blogs
aaron: but yah. that is a start
ryanK: what else? links?
aaron: shared links, twitter, etc.
aaron: haha.
aaron: is kinda what i want.
ryanK: so...the solution i thought of was basically to do that....but manually without the labels....using people who stumble upon it
aaron: ic
aaron: basically.. the goal is to see what other people are saying.
aaron: using things like word clouds, other 2.0 stuff
aaron: you can see what the whole community is saying.
aaron: easily.
ryanK: the one drawback that I saw with that.....was filtering out the stuff that was labeled as related but was crap
aaron: haha.
ryanK: seriously...there's a lot of related stuff that just sucks
aaron: yeah.. somebody smart needs to figure out how to remove the crap
ryanK: you dont want to have to filter through that
aaron: google weeds out crap from search.
ryanK: how does it know?
aaron: popularity
ryanK: by crap, I mean that "you" don't like it
aaron: hm.. right.
aaron: good point!!
aaron: so.. in IEEE software
aaron: robert glass talked about how common people are writtign crappy blogs
aaron: and that blogs suck because of that.
aaron: you read a blog about software engineering from a guy that writes html in one project.
aaron: that isn't good.
ryanK: yeah
aaron: so.. technology can limit the crap
aaron: i think.
ryanK: need to find the good stuff.....and to me...the only way to know is for a person to do it
ryanK: hahaha
aaron: it needs to do that. to jump to the next curve (reference to guy kawasaki's art of innovation talk)
aaron: haha. i agree.
aaron: anyone can be brilliant at a particular point in time.
aaron: digg uses that model .
aaron: so digg, plus knowing if the person writes good stuff, relevance, etc, etc
aaron: adding all that.
aaron: and you'd be able to know as much as everyone else.
aaron: presto. instant awareness.
ryanK: yeah....but if you look at where digg is going
ryanK: where you get a group of people you know and you use their digg-ing
aaron: yeah..
aaron: i think groups improves the current curve
aaron: i'm talking about busting out into a totally new one.
ryanK: the good thing about groups is like thinking
ryanK: no..your idea is good
ryanK: just .... big
aaron: and i like groups too.
aaron: i like groups.
ryanK: but you know....if you build it....they will come
aaron: groups and global.
aaron: personal, groups, global!
ryanK: i think if you build it so that it works for you and the people around will be easy to go global
aaron: haha. i just wnat to use it.
aaron: i'm sure you seen that.
aaron: imagine if there was a cloud for anyone that blogged, wrote and article, etc, about unit testing.
ryanK: that's what i mean.....set it up to be useful to you...have your friends use it
aaron: maybe we'll see that most people think that unit testing is hard.
aaron: ah.. okay.
aaron: yes. thats why i want people to use google reader.
ryanK: i do
aaron: use google share blogs and google share items.
aaron: click on the share icon when you read something good.
aaron: thats all.
aaron: thats all for now. untill we learn how to use that..
ryanK: sounds good to me
aaron: then we'll move up the curve after we learn what that means.
aaron: i share something every day.
ryanK: what share icon?
aaron: in google reader
ryanK: oh
ryanK: ok
aaron: and this google share thing
ryanK: i i can subscribe to your shares
aaron: yes!
aaron: haha.
aaron: yeah.
aaron: blog shares and item shares.
aaron: then what i want to know. is whether we share the same things
aaron: cause that means it is awesome.
aaron: haha.
ryanK: what's the difference blog/item
aaron: google has different areas to do those
aaron: shared blogs are from google reader
aaron: shared items are a separate technology for just loose pages.
ryanK: where's that? i want that
aaron: i just sent you the link to mine
aaron: i think you can get your own from that page.
ryanK: ok....i'll start playing around with it
aaron: cool. the only thing is you need to send me your links to blog shares
aaron: and item shares.
ryanK: ok...i'll send when i get it setup
aaron: awesome!
aaron: i think i'm going to edit this chat and put it on my blog.
aaron: okay?
ryanK: sure

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