Tuesday, October 30, 2007

scratch update

a few days ago i wrote about the lacy veach day of discovery. here is a really cool update. posted on this website are all the kids scratch creations. take a look at all the cool stuff they did.

here are a few to look at:
  • one kid spent about 30 minutes on this one. he even wrote the star wars song, note by note. needless to say, this kid was cool ANDREW_StarWars.
  • robert can dance. okay we cheated. a software engineer created this one. Robert_can_dance
  • one of the better scratches by a kid. DevonMiller_Run
  • this kid spent a while drawing and positioning his demons. this one was cool. XAVIER_DEMONDS_RULE
  • this one was made by a little girl. she couldn't have been older than 6 years old. she did a great job. cady_Monkey
  • another cool one, we got the cat to run. Kayla_Cat

    anyway, every single kid's scratch was awesome. they were able to pick up the technology very quickly. they did great!

    hopefully, we can continue teaching kids scratch.
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    Jo Ann said...

    Congratulations to all in spending time to teach the kids. Very cool.