Thursday, October 18, 2007

cool random stuff 2.0

here is a list of this weeks cool random stuff. you can also see more cool random stuff on my shared stuff page:
  • carbon footprint calculator - this was pretty cool. i don't know if their calculation method is good, but still cool. i'm not sure why don't they ask for your electricity and gas intake. anyway, i did the calculation and i seem to be under the average. yay! oh, and also on that webpage is some crazy way to pay to reduce co2. or something like that. check out terrapass
  • hawaii sucks in the cost-of-doing-business index - you say duh, but check out the article. we are getting worse each year. soon, we'll be so crappy that.... well, i don't know whats crappier than worst. haha. i guess this might be the cherry on the crappy cake:
    Ironically, our wage cost index is much lower than other top states. That means we pay our people less than those who live New York or even Alaska. We then have trouble finding people because they can’t afford to live here.

    haha.. duh, brain drain...... booooo....
  • Conferences focus on research grants - those nice htdc guys and gals are holding the 10th hawaii SBIR conference throughout the state. check it out.
  • eating out for lunch - msn says that people that eat out for lunch probably spend about $2,300 dollars a year. ouch. that is a new computer. then again, how many days can you eat tuna and rice, before you go crazy?
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