Sunday, October 7, 2007

i quit watching TV

haha. just joking. but, i've been watching a lot of presentations online. there is a lot of good things out there. here are some examples of what i watched today:

guy kawasaki's art of innovation
art of innovation seems to be a keynote at the 2007 Event Marketer Conference. guy says some very cool things like: make a mantra instead of a make a mission statement, make meaning instead of make money, and jump to the next curve. those are cool little thoughts. interesting that it comes from a VC.

engineers need to learn security
What Every Engineer Needs to Know About Security and Where to Learn It is a cool introduction to why we suck at security. i totally agree with neil that the universities are ignoring practical security in the curriculum. this presentation is pretty basic, you can jump around. but i found it to be informative when he talked about the actual security issues. i for one, think i should know more about security. the presentation said to look at the google code for educators page on web security

google clusters and software
building a computer system for the worlds information - i watched part of this presentation. it actually seems like the title on google video is wrong. anyway, jeff talks about googles approach to hardware, software, etc to address the huge amounts of processing power they need to store and evaluate the worlds (google's) data. he talks about everything from creating clusters of cheap pcs, googles file system, to their map and reduce package for (i think) indexing data. interesting stuff that i don't really understand.

you'll never find those three things on TV. actually, if it wasn't for these presentations i would have never learned about these subjects. this is the making for an excuse to get the new ipod. i keep telling myself, just think how much i can learn if i download videos. hahahaha.

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