Sunday, October 21, 2007

life design decisions

this is my first ever life posting in this blog.

shit, where am i going to live?
the hawaii housing market is crazy. $650K average! thats just fricken CRAZY. i'm going CRAZY thinking about it. CRAZY, CLUELESS, FRUSTRATED are all words that describe how i feel when thinking about the whole subject. it sucks.


note to self: relax. there are much more important things in life. i'm adopting the following motto: if your place sucks compared to your aunty's house, then just spend as much time at your aunty's house as you can. haha.

finding a balance
i work hard.. probably too much. i'm not a workoholic, i actually like working. haha. i'm brainwashed.

anyway, my new goal is to work harder. work so hard that i can find a balance in other things. i just had a great weekend full of family activities. wouldn't it be great to not worry about working on the weekend. haha. i haven't had many of those weekends. in fact, i actually worked tonight, so i still don't know whats thats like. anyway... the point is that i want to find a balance; enough time to satisfy my fun work and enough time to have other types of fun. oh and maybe actually work out a little here and there.

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