Tuesday, October 23, 2007

no one is sharing

it has been 5 days since my last blog about sharing information in the hackystat development team. i must say that twitter is being used a lot more in our group. but, where are the blog shares?

anyway, so for those of you that actually read my blog. i'm looking for some new blogs to read. i'm looking for cool random things. it could be cool random pictures. or something totally unrelated to technology. add a comment to my page with blogs that i'm missing out on. better yet, add your google blog share link as a comment.

rss aggregations
i'm looking for a cool rss aggregator. basically, what i want to do is aggregate the blogs that certain people write into a group of blogs that should be about the same topic. for example, austen and i could be in a group. to further specify interesting blogs on the same topic we could then agree to use the same labels.


rtk said...

I've started using Yahoo Pipes to create custom feeds.
Here are a couple of that I have.

This one was for the Hello, Real World bloggers
And one that I'm working on to get general Java News

Then I use these feeds

austen.ito said...

Yes yes if I come across something cool I shall start adding it to my "shared stuff"